Aging-related disease research

Ling-Jun Ho, Ph. D. / Associate Investigator

Research Field:Our research interests are studying ageing -related musculoskeletal diseases, particularly focusing on exploring molecular mechanisms of ageing process in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. The potential anti-inflammatory drugs in therapeutic intervention of arthritis were also examined. These ongoing projects cover many different fields involving molecular, cellular and animal aspects.

Chih-Pin Chuu, Ph. D. /Associate Investigator

Research Field:Dr. Chuu’s lab is interested in investigating the regulation of androgen receptor(AR) signaling, epigenetic regulator proteins, and liver X receptor (LXR) signaling, long non-coding RNAs and miRNAs on cancer metastasis, diseases progression, cancer stemness, cancer metabolism, and exosome secretion of prostate cancer and oral cancer. We are also interested in studying the role of AR signaling and LXT signaling on angiogenesis and aging-related cardiovascular diseases. Finally, we are working on identifying the potential of natural compounds for prevention of metabolic diseases.

Kai-Hsiung Chang, Ph. D. / Assistant Investigator

Research Field: The previous research activities included (1) discovery of 5alpha-dione pathway; (2) identification of first gain-of-function mutant in steroidogenic machinery in castration-resistant prostate cancer; (3) determination of the relationship between HSD3B1 and androgen deprivation therapy resistance. Those research results were published in PNAS, Cell and Lancet Oncology, respectively. The HSD3B1 and Resistant to Androgen-Deprivation Therapy in Prostate Cancer is awarded as “Top Ten Clinical Research Achievement” in 2017. It is believed in this field that those accomplishments have placed and important foundation to change clinical practice in the diseases of prostate cancer in the near future. 

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