Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine Research


Jeng-jiann Chiu, Ph. D. / Distinguished Investigator

Research Field:To elucidate the molecular mechanisms of the regulation of vascular functions, with a special emphasis on the transduction of mechanical stimuli, such as blood flow-induced shear stress and complex flow pattern, into intracellular signaling and the ensuing gene expression and functional responses in cardiovascular disease.

Shaw-Fang Yet, Ph. D. / Investigator

Research Field:Vascular diseases models of atherosclerosis, stenosis, and aneurysm and the underlying molecular mechanisms; phenotypic modulation of vascular smooth muscle cells. Differentiation of embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells into vascular cells for vascular repair.

Jun-Yang Liou, Ph. D. / Investigator

Research Field:Cancer Cell Biology; Cardiovascular Biology; Stem Cell Biology; Signal Transduction; Gene Regulation

Cheng-Chin Kuo, Ph. D. / Investigator

Research Field:

  1. Identification of novel metabolites as therapeutic targets for inflammatory disases
  2. Cardiovascular Metabolism
  3. Metabolism in tumor immune microenvironment

Pu-Ste Liu, Ph. D. /Assistant Investigator

Research Field:Immunology, Immunometabolism, Metabolic syndrome, Cancer immunity

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