Research Highlights-2

2020-11-19 Therapeutic potential of heme oxygenase-1 in aneurysmal diseases Antioxidants.
2020-11 Gasdermin A3-mediated cell death causes niche collapse and precocious activation of hair follicle stem cells Journal of Investigative Dermatology.
2020-10 Current status of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for immune/inflammatory lung disorders: Gleaning insights for possible use in COVID-19 Stem Cells Translational Medicine.
2020-09-29 Human placental MSC-secreted IL-1Beta enhances neutrophil bactericidal functions during hypervirulent klebsiella infection Cell Reports.
2020-07 5-methoxytryptophan: An arsenal against vascular injury and inflammation. Journal of Biomedical Science.
2020-07-18 HLA-G Expression in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) Is Related to Unique Methylation
Pattern in the Proximal Promoter as well as Gene Body DNA
International Journal of Molecular Sciences
2020-05-15 ROR2 Suppresses Metastasis of Prostate Cancer via Regulation of miR-199a-5p- PIAS3-AKT2 Signaling Axis. Cell Death & Disease
2020-05-13 Exposure to zinc oxide nanoparticles disrupts endothelial tight and adherens junctions and induces pulmonary inflammatory cell infiltration. International Journal of Molecular Sciences.
2020-05 DPP-4 Inhibitor Reduces Striatal Microglial Deramification After Sensorimotor Cortex Injury Induced by External Force Impact. FASEB Journal.
2020-04-24 Expression of Nik-related kinase in smooth muscle cells attenuates vascular inflammation and intimal hyperplasia Aging
2020-04-08 Oral charcoal adsorbents attenuate neointima formation of arteriovenous fistulas MDPI Open Access Journals
2020-1-15 Exosomal 2′,3′‐CNP from mesenchymal stem cells promotes hippocampus CA1 neurogenesis/neuritogenesis and contributes to rescue of cognition/learning deficiencies of damaged brain Stem Cells Translational Medicine.
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