Established in 2008, the Institute of Cellular and System Medicine (ICSM) aims to develop new strategies and therapeutic agents for prevention and treatment of aging-related cardiometabolic and neural diseases. In addition to using innovative technical platforms in genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics to identify potential targets, the institute employs the important strategy of using stem cells in regenerative medicine for diseases of interest. The clinical relevance of our findings will be verified through collaboration with physicians and hospitals. Through the effective application of research resources across in-house units and interdisciplinary cooperation with other institutes, the ICSM explores medical issues to accelerate the acquisition of research results, and then develops new detection methods and strategies for disease prevention and treatment. Research interests include cardiovascular biology, stem cell research and regenerative medicine, 3D bio-printing, and healthy aging. The institute also engages in cutting-edge interdisciplinary stem cell and regenerative medicine research to develop clinical applications related to peripheral neurological diseases and cardiovascular diseases.



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