B. Linju Yen 顏伶汝 研究員級主治醫師

Our research centers around finding easily accessible sources of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)—including from ethically compliant term placenta and pluripotent stem cells, including human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)—for therapeutic application. MSCs are multipotent somatic stem/progenitor cells with immunomodulatory properties towards diverse leukocyte populations. The strong immunomodulation of MSCs allow for use of these versatile progenitors in regenerative medicine as well as immune/inflammatory diseases. Moreover, these properties also allow for unmatched allogeneic use, thereby expanding the clinical use of MSCs as readily available, “off-the-shelf” products. Our lab has special interest in elucidating the molecular mechanisms involved in tissue-specific MSC immunomodulation, as well as MSC tissue engineering for regenerative medicine, including for angiogenesis and generation of artificial blood vessels in line with ICSM/institute mission-oriented goals.


1991 – 1996 M.D., School of Medicine, University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), CA, USA
1986 – 1991 B.A., Summa Cum Laude, Music (Specializations: History/Literature & Performance), School of Fine Arts, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), CA, USA


2017/09 – present Deputy Director, Institute of Cellular & System Medicine (ICSM), National Health Research Institutes (NHRI), Zhunan, Taiwan
2014/07 – present Investigator & Attending Physician, Regenerative Medicine Research Group (RMRG; formerly Stem Cell Research Center), ICSM, NHRI, Zhunan, Taiwan
2009 – 2014 Associate Investigator & Attending Physician, RMRG, ICSM, NHRI, Zhunan, Taiwan
2005 – 2009 Assistant Investigator, & Attending Physician, RMRG, ICSM, NHRI, Zhunan, Taiwan
2003/03 Visiting scientist, Human Embryonic Stem Cell (hESC) Research Center, UCSF, San Francisco, CA, USA
2003/10 hESC research trainee, ES Cell International Inc., Melbourne, Australia
2002 – 2005 Postdoctoral Fellow, Stem Cell Research Center, NHRI, Zhunan, Taiwan
1998 – 2001 Resident: Post-Graduate Year 2 (PGY2), PGY3 & Chief Resident, Dept. of Obstetrics/Gynecology, National Taiwan University-Hospital-En Chu Kong Hospital Joint Program, Taipei, Taiwan
1996 – 1997 Resident: PGY1, Dept. of Obstetrics/Gynecology, UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1993 – 1994 Post-Sophomore Fellow, Dept. of Pathology, UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA


姓名 職稱 分機 E-mail
謝承展 博士後研究員 37518 120320@nhri.edu.tw
徐珮茹 研究助理 37518 971108@nhri.edu.tw
廖倩玉 研究助理 37518 chiann@nhri.edu.tw
王修洹 研究助理 (02)27929655 030832@nhri.edu.tw
馮千庭 研究助理 37518 Diabolo@nhri.edu.tw
張家齊 國防大學博班生 37518 084052@nhri.edu.tw


2015 Outstanding Research Achievement Award, NHRI/國衛院 傑出學術成就獎
2013 10th National Innovation Award—Academic Research Category, Institute for Biotechnology & Medicine Industry (IBMI), Taiwan/財團法人國家生技醫療產業策進會 (生策會) 第十屆國家新創獎/學研組
2010 Junior Researcher Award, Academia Sinica, Taiwan/中央研究院 年輕學者研究著作獎
2010 Young Scientist Award, NHRI/國衛院 年輕學者學術成就獎
2009 Ta-you Wu Young Scientist Award, Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST), Taiwan/科技部 吳大猷先生紀念獎
1997 Best Resident Award, Dept. of Obstetrics/Gynecology, UCLA Medical Center/ UCLA醫學中心 婦產科 最佳住院醫師獎
1996 Exchange Student Scholarship, UCSF/Peking Union Medical College/ UCSF/北京協和醫院交換醫學生獎學金
1992 Exchange Student Scholarship, UCSF/University of Heidelberg/ UCSF/德國海德堡大學交換研究生獎學金
1991 Outstanding Graduating College Senior Award, UCLA Alumni Association/UCLA傑出大學畢業生獎
1991 Chancellor’s Service Award, UCLA/ UCLA校長服務獎
1991 Induction into Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society/獲選加入美國Phi Beta Kappa之榮譽學會
1990 Induction into Mortar Board (UCLA College Senior Honor Society)
1989 Distinguished Scholar Award, UCLA Alumni Association/ UCLA 傑出大學學者獎



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